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Startup Funding

  1. Startup Plan Evaluation
  2. Projected Profit Evaluation
  3. Traction & Team Evaluation
  4. Funding Terms & Conditions
  5. Investor Pitch Deck Prep
  6. Contract & Seed Funding

(B) Startup Funding  

Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 50,00,000

Startup Plan     Evaluation     

We will discuss and evaluate Your Startup Business Plan in Detail with your Team       

Finance & Profits Evaluation

We will discuss and evaluate the Finance & Profit Model of Your Startup

Team and Traction Evalution

We will evaluate your Team Strength and Traction achieved if any in Your Startup

Funding T&C and Discussions

Funding Terms & Conditions discussion in Detail with Your Team Members

Investor Pitch Deck Check

Finally our Team of our Directors will Check your 1 min,  5 min & 30 Min Pitch Deck

Contract & Seed Funding

Once all first 5 Stages are cleared, finally Employa does Contract with you and releases Seed Funding