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IT Security

  1. Data Backup & Recovery
  2. IT Physical Security
  3. DB & Application Security
  4. Network Security
  5. OS & AV Security
  6. Internet & WiFi Security

(D) IT & Data Security

Rs. 499 Onwards

Data Backup & Recovery     

We can provide your World-Class Data Backup & Recovery Solutions at cost effective rates 

IT Physical Security

We can provide you all  kinds of IT Physical Security Solutions like CCTV, Access Control, Sensor Controls etc

DB & Application Security

We can provide you with Database & Application Security Solutions . Also SIEM , FIM & DLP Tools

Network Security Solutions

We provide excellent Network Security Solutions that are unparallel in nature

OS & Anti-Virus Security

We can provide you unmatched OS level Security Solutions to safeguard from Virus & Ransomware

Internet & WiFi Security

We can provide you with Internet & WiFi Security Solutions to protect your IT Infra from all External Threats